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What to do with your tax refund

‘Tax refund mentality’ is an interesting thing. Most people see tax refunds as great, afterall, the idea that you may be getting money put into your account takes away some of the pain associated with getting your tax return completed. However, a refund just means you have overpaid on taxes and given the Government an interest-free loan for a year, rather than saving or investing that money for your personal financial benefit.

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Under the Roof

My tenants have vacated, the house needs work, but what should I spend my money on?


Having long term tenants is a bonus for a landlord, but it also gives rise to a number of issues when they move on. It is really hard to do any major type of update or renovation like painting, changing carpets or revitalising the kitchen when the house is occupied. When they do move out, the required renovations may not be small or inexpensive to undertake. So where should you focus your efforts and expenditure? And how should you fund it?

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