Most people don’t realise how much tax they are actually paying and there are many completely legal and socially acceptable ways to increase your wealth in a tax efficient manner.  You can save on your taxes in many different ways. Just remember to always keep your investment plans in mind and make sure you give yourself a lot of time to review everything before tax time.

Some ways to save on your taxes are:

  • Contribute as much as you can to your superannuation;
  • Take as many deductions as you are legally able;
  • Look into tax effective investments.

Some deductions that may be available are:

  • Superannuation contributions up to your maximum contribution caps;
  • Income protection premiums;
  • Deductible amount for pensions/annuities;
  • Interest/fees on borrowing for investment purposes.

There are five main types of tax-effective investments:

  • Account Based Pensions - Any fund earnings are tax-free and and if you are over 60 the income payments are also tax free.
  • Superannuation - Taxed at 15% on investment returns. You can defer lump sum tax by rolling over eligible termination payments.
  • Direct Australian Shares & Managed Australian Share Funds - On franked dividends a credit is given for the company tax already paid. These credits, known as the imputation credits, can reduce your income tax.
  • Borrowing to Invest
  • Internally Tax Investments – these investments are taxed internally, usually at a tax rate just below 30%, so can be a good solution for those on higher marginal tax rates.

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