The most important part of a financial plan is the conversation we have with you. Our conversations with you are about your dreams - what will make you happy, the legacy you want to leave and the relationships that are important to you. The financial plan we develop takes into account all the complexities in your life, whether it’s spanning multiple generations, mixes business and personal or factors in complicated relationships. That is why conversations sit at the heart of our financial planning process.

A financial plan will take into account the following:

  • Your existing assets and liabilities
  • Your current saving ability
  • Your retirement savings and superannuation
  • Your current tax position
  • Your insurance policies
  • Current investments
  • Your wills and estate planning
  • Centrelink entitlements


The financial plan will match your goals and objectives with strategies that enable your existing resources to be utilised in a more effective way and will include strategies in the following areas:

  • Wealth Creation - Gearing, managed funds, savings plans, shares
  • Retirement Planning - Superannuation, allocated pension, Centrelink, complying annuities, salary sacrificing, taxation, estate planning
  • Wealth Protection - Life insurance, income insurance, disability insurance, business insurance
  • Tax Planning - Minimising income tax, tax managed investments, gearing, and salary sacrifice
  • Review - It is essential once you have a plan in place to review it regularly

To start the conversation, contact us to book an initial consultation.


“I've been working with Lynette for nearly eight years now. I went to one of her seminars after a few friends said how impressed they were. Straight away I could tell she was very knowledgeable, vibrant and friendly. I value Lynette's professional expertise and that she is abreast of the latest changes and trends. She is always ready to listen to my questions and concerns. My knowledge of the financial market is limited, so it is very important to have someone I can trust taking care of my financial needs. Lynette understood my level of risk and has put investments in areas with which I was comfortable. Her advice is always honest and carefully explained.

A couple of years ago I met some of Lynette's other clients. There was a diverse mix of people, couples, singles, families, young people and older people....everyone was unanimous in their trust and confidence in her as their Financial Planner. I would recommend her to anyone”. 

- Shirley Wilton


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