Just because your current loan was once competitive... it doesn't mean it still is!

Before we look at how your money personality influences your decisions, let's figure out just what your money personality is. Are you a Squirrel or a Swan, or do you have tendencies of both? To get us started, fill in this short questionnaire by marking where you fit on the continuum between the two statements.

When you're feeling like this, it's usually a sign of some financial stress, although it might be slight. I can usually judge the money personality of a business owner by walking into their premises. Thinking about the businesses in your immediate vicinity, can you can do the same?

Things have been good so far this year. The share market's having a good run. The economy and housing are starting to turn around. And we have all saved enough money to live a PrettyRich lifestyle in retirement.

Well, two out of three ain't bad!