Retirement might still be some way-off, but things don’t always go according to plan. Some dangerous assumptions to make are:

Excessive credit card usage is typically highest in December - only for us to then be hit with a very scary statement in January. Not a great financial start to the new year!

Are you self-employed? It's a path that can be as rewarding, as it is challenging.

Do you have family and friends telling you to quit your business and get a 'real' job? Or maybe you're one of those, making the suggestion.

Financial Squirrels react well to the 'security' of fixed repayments, but are likely to become frustrated if they can't either make some level of additional repayments or use an offset account. Whereas, Financial Swans need strict repayments, preferably with redraw facilities that require a trip to the Bank to access. For this reason, Swans should consider paying excess money off their home loan, (rather than using an offset account).