Can you afford a 20 year holiday?

Retirement is not so much about the end of your career as it is about the start of finally having the time to pursue new and exciting pursuits. When thinking about retirement, do you think of travel; round-the-world cruises, luxury train journeys in Europe or caravanning around Australia.

What 'rule' do you need to apply to achieve that goal you are yet to accomplish this year? There's still time if you take action now. Identify what is likely to stop you achieving it. Now, develop a 'rule' in line with your money personality that supports your goal and watch the success wash in.

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With interest rates tipped to rise as the RBA begins to return the cash rate to a more normal level, homeowners are wondering what the best way to handle this new environment might be.

Many borrowers would never have faced a cash rate rise, given the RBA hasn’t hiked rates in over a decade. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to prepare for an interest rate rise.

Look for a lower rate