Universal Design

The Design Canberra Festival recently hosted a talk by well-known demographer, Bernard Salt, titled “Suburbia’s time in the Sun”. It invited viewers to ponder the question of whether the coronavirus was reshaping Australia’s urban life. As people have been forced to work from home, we have seen neighbourhoods come alive, local parks full of people playing and exercising and suburban coffee shops with queues out the door. Lifestyle has always been important to Australians and after being confined to our houses, many Canberrans have been grateful to have the relative spaciousness of suburbia.

Self Managed Super Fund

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) came into force in 1999 and now account for over 30 percent of all super assets under management. According to the Australian Taxation Office, in 2019 there were about 600,000 SMSFs holding around $747 billion in assets. This is significantly more than the $678 billion held at that time in industry funds and $628 billion held in retail funds. The number of SMSFs has grown at almost 5 percent annually and the assets by around 25 percent over the past 5 years. The demographics of SMSF holders are almost equally split between males and females.


Many owners of residential rental properties have experienced challenges in the current lockdown situation. For those with vacant properties or undertaking renovation or maintenance projects, the current situation has thrown up some additional challenges. Will they be able to find new tenants? How do you do maintenance work around tenants who are now working from home? Moving landlord’s insurance from one provider to another can also be challenging.


You would have to be living under a very large rock to not know that share-markets around the world (including Australia) are taking a major hit right now and as a result so are most people’s retirement strategies. So what can you do?