So, what can you do to prepare, save money and happily survive the winter?

I recently had a coffee with Anne and we talked about her experiences of re-entering the property market as an older, single woman. I went through this the first time and 35 and now in my early 50’s am thinking about doing it again. It was interesting chatting about our different experiences and expectations about doing it a second or third time around.

I bought my first house at the ripe young age of 35 and even then it was under protest. I was single, had a good job and was pretty much financially secure. At least I thought I was – my view was that investing my money in travel and shoes was all the wealth I needed.

Over the last four years Australia has seen significant growth of around 37% in the number of investment property loans compared to an increase of only 4% in the number of owner occupied loans. 78% of the growth in investment property loans has been attributed to the 35 to 64 age groups.