what to do with your tax refundWith the end of the financial year fast approaching, it’s important to consider any tax obligations ahead of June 30.

While property investors should be looking to work with an accountant and other professionals, here are some things to think about ahead of the deadline.

1st apartment full

If you’re currently on a fixed-rate loan and the term is coming to an end, you’re going to have a few options to consider.

Coming out of a fixed term is usually a great time to review your loan with a mortgage broker so you can compare what the best options are for your current situation. Things can change in just a few years, so it’s worth examining your financial plan going forward.

Bank valuation

When you purchase a property with finance, the lender will typically order a bank valuation to help them ascertain the loan to value ratio (LVR) of your home loan. For new home buyers, this might be something that you’ve never thought about before, but the outcome of the bank valuation could have big implications for your home loan.

Home loan

When buying a home, to live in or as an investment, most people will have the goal of eventually paying it off.

A 30-year loan might seem like a long time to be making repayments, but you won’t be stuck paying interest if you’re able to pay it off sooner.

Here are five ways to help achieve that that.