Midlife can often bring with it some unexpected financial challenges. Sandwiched between caring for elderly parents and not quite independent children, this period is also when some of the lifestyle choices we’ve made catch up on us and the wear and tear on marriages begins to show.

You know what they say about first impressions. And in the real estate world, they really do count. Not only does the street appeal of your home make it or break it for a potential buyer, it can also add serious value to your property.

“It will come out in the wash” is not the phrase you should be relying on when it comes to designing your laundry. Laundries are often included in the must-have changes people want in their homes. It could be because most Australians will spend over a year (384 days) doing the laundry[1] across their lifetime.

When you begin planning a big renovation it tends to dominate your thoughts and a lot of your conversations.  Renovations can be very stressful and very expensive and everyone has a story to tell, if not their own then a friend’s story or one they heard about.