Getting ready to buy your first home is exciting! But it also comes with some complicated decisions. Getting a mortgage is a huge decision to make and you’ll likely be paying off your mortgage for 30 + years. Family, friends and colleagues will all have advice to give you. But how will you interpret their advice and what if you disagree with their suggestions but still need guidance?

For the majority of people, their mortgage is the biggest debt that they’ll ever take on.  Many people have a ‘set and forget’ approach to their mortgage and that while it is a huge debt; they have 30+ years to pay it off. However, there are a number of reasons you might want to revisit your mortgage.

If you have a child with an 18th birthday on the horizon, you may already be contemplating what to buy them for their birthday.

Generally when people talk about planning for retirement, they are referring to a financial plan. This may include thoughts on downsizing, travelling, a seachange or maybe a treechange. Very little thought is given to developing an emotional plan for retirement.