If you have a mortgage, there are a number of reasons you might want to refinance. Refinancing means paying off the existing loan and replacing it with a new one.

Some of the reasons may include:

  1. Your mortgage is more than three years old and you want to secure a lower interest rate;
  2. You need to refinance to pay for a renovation;
  3. You are thinking of upsizing or downsizing; and
  4. You want to invest in property.

A mortgage broker can calculate how much you can borrow and comfortably afford to repay as well as compare loans to find the right one for you. They do all the legwork for you and help you with pre-approval. A mortgage broker doesn’t charge for this service as lenders pay the commission when the loan is settled, therefore there is no cost to you.

If you are thinking about refinancing, contact us to find out more.


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