‘Tax refund mentality’ is an interesting thing. Most people see tax refunds as great, afterall, the idea that you may be getting money put into your account takes away some of the pain associated with getting your tax return completed. However, a refund just means you have overpaid on taxes and given the Government an interest-free loan for a year, rather than saving or investing that money for your personal financial benefit.

Many people only visit a financial planner when they begin to think about planning for retirement and unfortunately by that time they have usually racked up a few avoidable financial regrets.

Are you turning fifty soon? This is the decade where you start to think about retirement and whether you will be able to afford the retirement lifestyle you dream of.

I’ve mentioned budgeting… I’ve lost you already haven’t I? If you’ve never had to budget before, just the reference to it might make you want to turn and run; particularly if you don’t consider yourself very good with managing money. But budgeting doesn’t have to be that scary.